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Teachers & Staff

Robert Raines Interim Principal [email protected]
Scott Anderson Assistant Principal [email protected]
Timothy Hippert Assistant Principal [email protected]
Katherine Krikorian Secretary [email protected]
Marc Adams Teacher [email protected]
Yelitza Agosto SEO [email protected]
Carolyn Armitage Teacher [email protected]gepublic.org
James Arnott Teacher [email protected]
Evan Baker Teacher [email protected]
Carisabel Beltran Family Liaison [email protected]
Lisa Besse Food Service [email protected]
Carmen Blanco ESP Para T1 [email protected]
Madison Bodreau School Engagement Officer [email protected]
Justine Bohl Teacher [email protected]
Craig Boisvert Food Service [email protected]
Thomas Bolio College Coach [email protected]
Elaine Bond Long Term Substitute [email protected]
Joanna Bowlin Teacher [email protected]
Meagan Cannon Other Related SpEd Staff [email protected]
Marisa Chambers Teacher [email protected]
Maria Chapa-Alcaraz City Connects Coordinator [email protected]
Karin Checka School Nurse [email protected]
Yun Chou-Thomas Teacher [email protected]
Norma Cignarella ESP - Tutor 3323 [email protected]
Nicholas Clark Teacher [email protected]
Christina Colello Teacher [email protected]
Victor Colon School Engagement Officer [email protected]
Daneishallys Colon-Morales Tutor [email protected]
Shelley Comeau ESP Para Sped [email protected]
Cristina Cooke Secretary 6110 [email protected]
Betty Cruz ESP Para Sped [email protected]
Lesley Davis Day to Day Substitute [email protected]
Jenny Denton Teacher [email protected]
Stephanie Diaz School Engagement Officer [email protected]
Michael Dolan Teacher [email protected]
Daniel DuBois Teacher [email protected]
Nathan Duprey Custodian [email protected]
Ellen Finelli Food Service Director [email protected]
Sean Galvin Custodian [email protected]
Luis Gomba Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Dennis Greenwood Custodian [email protected]
Taylor Hall Teacher [email protected]
Juan Hernandez Teacher [email protected]
William Hodgerney Teacher [email protected]
Caitlin Keith Long Term Substitute [email protected]
Drew Kokernak Custodian [email protected]
Hannah Lafleur Teacher [email protected]
Angela Landino Teacher [email protected]
Denise Lang LifeSkills Coach [email protected]
Elizabeth Lewis Adjustment Counselor [email protected]
Jason Linders High School Director of Operations [email protected]
Bethany MacPherson Teacher [email protected]
Kaitlin Malixi Librarian [email protected]
Gino Manzi Basketball Coach [email protected]
Matthew Martucci Teacher [email protected]
Theodore Mather Jr Teacher [email protected]
Qourtne Mazier-Young School Adjustment Counselor [email protected]
Lauren McArdle Teacher [email protected]
Aisha Morales EA [email protected]
Nicholas Morales   [email protected]
Sue Morrisey Food Service [email protected]
Elias Nasis Teacher [email protected]
Judith O'Donnell Teacher [email protected]
Kristine O'Donnell SPED Supervisor [email protected]
Mary O'Gara Teacher [email protected]
Helen O'Hara Teacher [email protected]
Luis Olivo EA [email protected]
Karen Ortega Adjustment Counselor [email protected]
Jose Ortiz Custodian [email protected]
Kailey Ortiz School Engagement Officer [email protected]
Alexis Packard SST Case Manager [email protected]
Edna Palafox Teacher [email protected]
Lisa Peck Food Service [email protected]
Eleanor Peoples Day to Day Substitute [email protected]
Kayla Perdomenico SST Case Manager [email protected]
Jayden Perez Custodian [email protected]
Louis Perron Work Experience Coach [email protected]
Carole Pranaitis Food Service [email protected]
James Proulx Custodian [email protected]
Anthony Pukalo Teacher [email protected]
Anne Putnam Food Service [email protected]
Michael Quigley Custodian [email protected]
Miguel Rivera Custodian [email protected]
Ruben Rodriguez SST Case Manager [email protected]
Courtney Rousseau EA [email protected]
Leeann Ryder Food Service [email protected]
Todd Salmonsen Director of Guidance and Student Success [email protected]
Miriam Sas Teacher [email protected]
Rose Sherblom Student Management Coordinator [email protected]
Dorothy Shortell Teacher [email protected]
Robert Siciliano Teacher [email protected]
Katherine Stoica Teacher [email protected]
Katelyn Stone Teacher [email protected]
Ellen Swett Food Service [email protected]
Derrick Thompson Custodian  
Leslie Torres Ortiz ESP Tutor-Sped [email protected]
Elsie Torres ESP Para Sped [email protected]
Jennifer Valinski Teacher-Support Content [email protected]
Tiffany Vega Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Dawnn Williams EA [email protected]
Tayler Wilson Permanent Substitute [email protected]
Lee Wyant Day to Day Substitute [email protected]
Patrick Yeo Long Term Substitute [email protected]
Donna Zannelli Director(Science) [email protected]